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In business terms, it all started in 2016 with the opening of a car wash out of a love for and maintenance of cars, but the true beginnings are back in the 90’s when I started to wash my parents and grandparents’ vehicles as a child. Soon I became interested in polishing vehicles, although there were no professional detailing products at the time, but somehow I managed. As I grew up, so I realized that this is what relaxes me and what I really love to do.

Opening a car wash I realized my dream of starting to deal with cars professionally, which I have always been interested in, and in 2017 I started providing full detailing treatments, highend polishing and vehicle protection. The idea of producing my own detailing products came up then and I started to realize it.

2018 was the year of developing the idea into the products. A lot of effort has been put into designing the brand name and logo itself with the help of a fellow top designer. Throughout the year, we have been working together to find the best chemistry formulas, to develop label and packaging designs and to find the best solutions to produce the most efficient, highest quality and environmentally friendly products.

2019 was the year of product placement across the markets of European Union. There is a great deal of interest in these by vehicle maintenance product distributors, which makes me very happy and extremely motivated to continue to provide high quality services and produce innovative and premium products.

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Client testimonials

We strive for satisfied clients and strive to make each of our clients a fast friend.

I love when things are done well and with style .. and when washing a car and with things that are related to the details on the car it’s not something that goes without saying, you’ll get it … For those reasons, I recommend Clean Fellas because I know that they can get there.

Nick / Papis

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a car wash where the service is satisfying. Maybe I’m a little specific, but after a long time and I’m happy to say I found it! The team, with top-notch work, even produce auto cosmetics!

Kristijan / Semulić

Clean Fellas is a true breakthrough for me with regard to the excellence of service and products offered in the field of vehicle care. The team is truly professional and helpful, and the passion they invest in their work is felt in every corner of their beautiful space. For each recommendation.

Neven / Roginić